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Wireless charging is quickly becoming a must-have when it comes to smartphone accessories. With the new BASEUS QI Series, you can experience the power and convenience of this technology in a whole new way. This series features three different models – a 3-in-1 wireless charger, a single wireless charger, and an ultra-fast 18W charger – so you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this series so special.

The 3-in-1 wireless charger is perfect for anyone who needs to charge multiple devices at once. It has three Qi charging pads that are compatible with smartphones and other wireless charging enabled devices. This model also features an adjustable stand so you can place it in the most convenient spot while keeping your devices easily accessible. Plus, it’s designed with an anti-slip bottom and metal surface which helps keep your device secure during charging.

The single wireless charger is great for those who just want one device charged at a time but still need maximum convenience. Its sleek design allows it to fit easily on any surface so you don’t have to worry about where to put it or if it will be in the way. And like all of our QI Series chargers, this model also has an anti-slip bottom and supports fast charging speeds up to 10W.

If speed is what you need, then our 18W fast charger is sure to deliver! This model supports both Android and iOS phones, as well as most other Qi enabled devices like tablets and Bluetooth headphones. And with its powerful 18W output, your device can get up to 50% battery life in just 30 minutes! Plus, this charger uses advanced temperature control technology which ensures that your device doesn’t overheat during charging cycles for added protection against damage from overheating batteries.

BASEUS QI SERIES Baseus 3 in 1 Qi Wireless 18W Fast Charger Review – A Must Have!

Bl If you’re looking for a powerful wireless charger that can handle multiple devices, then look no further than the BASEUS QI SERIES Baseus 3 in 1 Qi Wireless 18W Fast Charger. With up to 18W of power, this device is capable of charging three devices at the same time, making it an ideal choice for tech enthusiasts and gadget lovers who are constantly on the go. But what else makes this device stand out? Let’s take a closer look.

Powerful Technology

The BASEUS QI SERIES Baseus 3 in 1 Qi Wireless 18W Fast Charger utilizes advanced technology to ensure that all your devices get charged quickly and safely. With up to 18W of power, this device is able to charge three devices simultaneously without sacrificing speed or efficiency. It also features intelligent current recognition technology that automatically adjusts the power output depending on which device is connected, ensuring optimal performance every time. Plus, it’s compatible with a wide range of smartphones from various brands, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Design & Features

In addition to its powerful performance, the BASEUS QI SERIES Baseus 3 in 1 Qi Wireless 18W Fast Charger also stands out due to its sleek design. The device’s smooth surface makes it comfortable to hold and lightweight enough that you can easily take it with you wherever you go. Plus, its built-in LED indicator lets you know when your devices are fully charged so you can remove them without having to worry about overcharging or damaging your gadgets. The charger also comes with a detachable USB cable and wall adapter so you have everything you need right out of the box!

Safety First

Finally, safety is always important when dealing with electronic devices like this one. Fortunately, the BASEUS QI SERIES Baseus 3 in 1 Qi Wireless 18W Fast Charger has several features designed specifically for protection against overcharging and short-circuiting. It also features temperature control technology that helps keep both your devices and charger cool even when they’re being used heavily for extended periods of time. So no matter how often or how long you use this device, you can rest assured knowing that your gadgets will be safe from any potential harm.


If you’re looking for an efficient way to charge multiple devices simultaneously without sacrificing speed or quality, then look no further than the BASEUS QI SERIES Baseus 3 in 1 Qi Wireless 18W Fast Charger from xcessorieshub. This powerful yet lightweight charger offers up to 18W of power while featuring several safety measures that help protect your devices from damage or overcharging. Plus, its stylish design and included USB cable make it easy to take with you wherever life takes you! For tech enthusiasts who want a reliable way to keep their gadgets powered up on the go, this is definitely one device worth considering.

The BASEUS QI Series offers something for everyone – from those who need multiple devices charged simultaneously to those who need lightning quick speeds for their phone or tablet battery life restoration needs. With its cutting edge design, safety features, and compatibility across multiple platforms, these wireless chargers are sure to make your life easier while still providing you with the power and convenience that only BASEUS QI Series products can offer! Get yours today.

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