Why Choose Mylar Bags For Weed?

Do you know custom weed mylar bags can preserve weed for up to 30 years? Intriguing, no? Mylar bags are specifically made pouches for packaging food, herbs, coffee, cannabis or weed. It is made up of the same stuff you see in the helium balloons. The strong solid stuff makes sure to block any foreign agent from passing through.

If you store or sell weed in bulk, then there’s nothing best than storing it in custom weed mylar bags. Besides being on the pricier side, mylar bags have been popular in the market for a reason. Nothing can beat their cost effectiveness when they retain the quality of the stuff used in it. Lets see if custom mylar weed bags are actually competent or not.

5 reasons to choose custom weed mylar bags

Here are some reasons that might urge oneself to opt for custom mylar weed bags.

  • You never want the freshness to say goodbye

Whenever something is packaged, freshness or quality is always in question. As the stuff can not be seen or sometimes not even able to smell, so people are always in doubt. But with the quality of mylar bags, no one would be. Why? 

Because mylar bags have been proven to act as an oxygen barrier. They do not let air pass through the packaging and hence retain freshness of the product inside. No air means no insects or bacteria so no need to worry about contamination.

  • Keep the moisture off the weed

Moisture is another thing that must be a culprit to ruin the quality of  dry stuff like weed or cannabis. Do you know you can go in 10 percent loss if your stuff gets wet as moisture shrinks the size of material from ten to twelve percent. 

Wet weed can also lead to contamination and destroy the quality of your product badly. And you never want it. Wonder if mylar bags do not allow air to pass through, will it ever allow moisture to go through the packaging? Ofcourse, never. So you got another reason to get custom mylar weed bags for your next packaging. 

  • Don’t let others know what’s in your exotic weed packaging bag

Even if you’re selling weed legally, know that some hypocrites might have issues regarding this. Weed is something that everyone is suspicious of if you have it. Why let anyone get involved in your business?  

What’s special about mylar is, it is odour proof and opaque. Whenever you stuff something in a custom mylar bag, it is guaranteed that its smell won’t spread however strong it must be. While some people adore the smell of weed, others might find it disgusting. You can get custom exotic weed mylar bags to take care of anyone getting suspicious.

  1. Your custom mylar weed bag won’t puncture half way while shipping

If you ever have experienced bad packaging material, you must know it. Some packaging stuff is so pathetic that before reaching your beloved customer, it explodes half way in the shipping. However, this is impossible to happen with mylar bags due to the solid material used in them.

Renowned companies use remarkably durable material to make the product tear resistant. Mylar bags are durable to such an extent that they can be reused when needed. Whether storing them for months or transporting them to the customer, weed is safe in these custom made mylar bags. The customer also can throw it directly under other stuff without worrying about damage.

  1. Improve customer experience with custom weed mylar bags

Mylar bags can be customised in any size, shape, or form. This feature gives versatility to make pouches in different styles or designs. You can easily make your weed products look unique with exotic weed packaging bags. Mylar is a material that can help you beat your competitor with an outstanding template. Moreover, mylar can be dyed in bright and vibrant colours to attract more consumers. 


What is the best way to store weed?

The best way to store weed is either in packaging bags or jars in a cool, dry place. The major goal while storing weed is to block air or moisture from getting in. You can opt for custom mylar weed bags or mason jars to protect your stuff from contamination. Mylar is a great choice for dry products like cannabis or weed.

Is mylar weed bag better than a jar?

Yes, custom mylar weed bags are better than air tight jars because jars only block air not oxygen. However, mylar bags even act as a barrier against oxygen to protect the stuff from contamination.

How long does weed last in mylar bags?

You will be amazed to know that weed can last for upto three years without going bad when stored in mylar bags. This is the reason it is the most favourite packaging among several weed dealers.

Where to get custom weed mylar bags?

You can get custom weed mylar bags online. There are many famous companies taking in bulk orders for weed mylar bags. They customise it according to your requirement in any size, form, or shape.

Can I print mylar bags at home?

Yes, you can. But it would be better if you choose a professional packaging company to print your mylar bags. Doing it at home is hectic and will create a mess, while a renowned company can do it professionally on a budget. 

Final words

If you’re a weed seller and want your product to stand out in the market, go for custom printing boxes without any second thought. The amazing stuff with versatility can take you in a long run in your business. Moreover, getting freshness in the product will attract a weed lover to return to you.

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